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The Mini-Ductor II® is a 1000 watt 110v hand-held portable induction heater for the flameless heating of fasteners and hardware. The flameless heat created with the Mini-Ductor II allows you to avoid the collateral damage often caused by a torch.

Measuring 15 inches long, the Mini-Ductor II comes with one pre-formed coil, one Bearing Buddy coil, one U-form coil, and an owners manual packaged into custom foam inserts inside a small toolbox.
  • Ergonomic housing with slip resistant hand grenade style gripping
  • Super Bright LED mounted at the end to illuminate the work load
  • Remove vinyl graphics, body side moldings, name plates, emblems and more
  • Used to heat nuts, bolts, bearings, gears, pulleys, O2 sensors, fuel tank straps, auto body and PDR applications, steering and suspension, and many more objects
  • Stress Relieve Dents for ease of repair
  • The electromagnetic field induces on electrical current within the work piece that generates heat
  • Without the danger of an open flame, you will be able to heat metallic objects near plastic splash shields or other plastic components without the great need to remove or shield them; therefore saving you the time and inconvenience of unnecessary removal and installation procedures
  • Made in the U.S.A.
BrandInduction Innovations
Part NumberMD700
Line CodeMTI
TerminologyHeat Gun
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