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Do you have to take your car to the dealer for service or repair? Any new car dealer would like to have your service business, but there are a lot of reasons to turn to the automotive aftermarket for routine maintenance service, as well as repairs.

First lets get some terms straight, new car dealers and manufacturers are referred to as Original Equipment or O.E. providers, everybody else is in the automotive aftermarket. That includes auto parts stores, quick lubes, tire and service, and repair centers. It’s important to know how the automotive industry works. Most car manufacturers don’t actually make their own parts and none of them make all of the parts they use. Instead there are over 5,000 manufacturers that make the parts used to build new cars, as well as to repair used cars.

New car dealers sometimes push the myth that you need to go to them to get a genuine part, the fact is your independent service center can install the exact same original equipment parts manufacturer that supplies the dealer. One of the advantages of the aftermarket is that they’re free to innovate and improve. The aftermarket is quick to step in and fix design problems in original equipment parts, they’re also able to improve unreliability and performance.

When you use you independent aftermarket service center, you’ll get parts that meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications. You’ll also have the freedom to choose replacement parts that meet your budget, improve performance or are the same as what the factory uses. This freedom of choice is protected by law, you’re not required to use the dealership for service or to use the manufacturer’s brand of parts or fluids to maintain your vehicle warranty. Your local service center knows what products are recommended for your vehicle, and can help keep you safely and economically on the road.

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