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Did you know that half of the cars in Europe are diesels? Nearly all import manufacturers offer a range of diesel powered motors, even the luxury brands like Mercedes and BMW.

In the past, North American diesel fuel has had a much higher sulfur content than European fuel. Recent environmental laws have required changes in diesel fuel formulation and emission standards here in North America so we’re now ready to start seeing more diesel options offered over the next few years. Why diesel engines? First off, it is more energy dense. There’s more power in a barrel of diesel fuel than in a barrel of gasoline, that means better performance with better fuel economy. Diesel powered vehicles get about 20% better fuel economy, and as for power, why do you think the majority of the newer full size pick-ups are being sold with diesel engines?

If you think back to the late 70′s and early 80′s you may shudder to think of the diesel powered cars of the day, noisy, smokey, under-powered beasts that rattled and shook their passengers. Modern diesels are nothing like that, they’re quiet, clean and more powerful. They are so refined that most people can’t even tell they’re riding in a diesel powered car. In addition to power, diesel engines generally last longer than their gasoline powered counterparts because of their heavy-duty construction.

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