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1100 Series Passenger Car Traction Chains

Type PL - 1100 Series Passenger Traction Chains. Peerless type PL tire chains are built to exacting standards and subject to continuing in-process quality controls. Rubber tire chain tighteners (part #2007020), while not required, are recommended as a aide in keeping chains tight. NOTE: The tighteners are not included with the Peerless PL tire chains. Included inside each box detailed instructions on the installation and safe use of Peerless traction products. Fits Tire Sizes: 185R13, 195R13, P185/80R13, P195/75R13, P205/70R13, P215/65R13, P235/60R13, P245/50R13, 175R14, 185R14, 180/80R14, P185/80R14, P195/70R14, P195/75R14, P205/65R14, P205/70R14, P215/60R14, P225/55R14, P245/50R14, 175R15, P175/75R15, P180/65R390, P185/65R15, P185/65R390, P185/70R15, P185/70R365, P185/75R15, P190/65R15, P190/65R390, P195/65R15, P195/70R15, P200/60R390, P205/60R15, P225/50R15, P205/50R16, P205/55R16, 205/40R17, 215/40R17, P205/45R17, P215/45R17. 1 pair.

Part #: 1130-55
Size: See description.
Application: Passenger Car Style: PL

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1130-55 Our Price: $51.69

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